Top tips for decorating your kid's bedrooms

By WS Residential:    28 March 2023

From colours to furnishings and those extra little bits, read our top tips guide on decorating a children's bedroom and create a safe, fun space for your little ones to call their own.

Find the right theme

Your young ones are bound to have interests, whether it’s a favourite book, a love for animals or a football team they are obsessed with. This can act as good direction for decorating your kids’ bedroom as you want a create a space which they’ll enjoy being in.

Giving your kids a choice in the overall theme also makes them feel more involved in the process of decorating their own room, and that little more grown up.

The safari-inspired trend is huge at the moment, using animal inspired prints, patterns and accessories to transport the room to the Serengeti. This works well from nursery age upwards, so can have longevity too.

Be warned though – a theme may only last a few years, so be prepared to give the bedroom a little makeover when the chosen style is no longer seen as cool!

Timeless colours to stand the test of time

When it comes to finding the right base colour for the walls, think of today and tomorrow to save the task of having to do a full redecoration when your children’s tastes change.

A good rule of thumb is to always choose a neutral colour for the walls. This will mean whatever the theme, you have a base layer than can remain the same throughout the years.

Opting for the likes of a white or cream are always a good starting block, as both are versatile when it comes to being paired with other colours. Soft pastels like blues and pinks can also prove a good colour to stand the test of time, as well light earthy hues such as greens or beiges.

Furniture and storage that work to the space

Space may be at a premium in your kids’ bedroom, and if there’s one thing they have a lot of, it’s stuff. From clothes and shoes to toys and books, trying to keep all their stuff in one place can seem a nightmare – but with clever furniture choices, it can prove much easier than you think!

A good place to start is finding a bed which has storage solutions with it. A bunk-bed style set-up, which has drawers, shelving and a desk as part of the unit can help free up space in the room, as well as maximise the amount of storage you have.

Or for something a little more succinct, a bed with drawers underneath can also make it easier to store all those belongings away.

For those toys and books, a simple storage device like this one from IKEA can prove invaluable to keep the bedroom decluttered and also will help teach your young ones to art of tidying up! A hanging storage solution might also work, if there are lots of soft toys in your home.

Opting for the right light

Make sure you consider the lighting across your children’s bedroom. There are four types of lighting to take into consideration when decorating:

-General lighting - a ceiling or spotlight which will provide light across the room
-Decorative lamps - this could be used in keeping with the design theme of the room
-Functional lighting - think bedside tables and desk lamps, which can be used for reading, homework and learning
-Night lighting- If you've got young ones, the dark might seem a little scary so think about how you can incorporate pops of illumination to provide some soft lighting

Don’t forget soft furnishings

You want to create a cosy, welcoming space for your kids, so soft furnishings are a must.

Think of pillows and throws in abundance when it comes to adding those final touches to the room. Not only can these be used on their bed, but also on any reading chairs or for fun and games like building dens.

You might want to consider rugs on the bedroom floor too. Kids do most of their playing on the floor, so make sure you have something comfy and soft for them to sit on – especially if you’ve got wooden flooring in the bedrooms.

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